Handmade Guidelines

What are the guidelines for selling handmade items on From The Heart Market?

From The Heart Market is a marketplace that strives to give the maker, the artisan, the crafter, the artist a venue to sell their handmade products and goods.

In order to sell on FTH Market shop owners must adhere the following criteria.

  • Products must be made by you “the seller”, or your employees, helpers, assistants, and/or family.
  • All items must be made in the US  – this is a US based marketplace only at this time.
  • No Print On Demand items – the only exception to this is artwork prints. No shirts, mugs, cups, hats, etc. You must do your own printing.
  • No mass produced products other than craft supplies.
  • No items that infringe on someone’s intellectual property. This means no Disney, no Marvel, no TV characters, etc.
  • No drop shipping.
  • Gift baskets are permitted if the majority of the items in the basket are handmade. You can not just buy random items from a store and put them in a pretty basket and call it handmade.
  • Items made with tools and machinery are fine as long as the machines used to produce the items are in your homebased workshop. You may not outsource any production.
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